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A Relationship Of Mutual Benefit Or Dependance
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 My 75 minute long of my best.

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PostSubject: My 75 minute long of my best.    Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:54 pm

Thought I'd share it with my clannies. I do rage a little in it though, I know this is a well mannered clan, but I had too, my team was kinda fail. Very back and forth game, even though it could have been one sided towards my team if we had better teamwork.

It was pretty much Soulstealer(ME)vs Madman & Forsaken Archer

My stats.

21-9-26 506 Ck's 34 Cd's 448 Gold/Min. bounce

Also worth noting, I fail at the beginning, thinking magmus's bottle is mine, lol.
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My 75 minute long of my best.
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